Tuesday, September 18, 2012

'The Best Place In the Whole World!!' According to Sara

 We needed to make some furniture adjustments recently, and where does a family on a low budget go for furniture needs?  IKEA, of course.  We were worried about ruining a whole Saturday with the trek down there, but we needn't have.  The kids LOVED it there and Sara asks to go back almost every day AND they don't even know yet that there is a cafeteria there.  We will save that bit of info for a birthday surprise or something because we are cheap like that. :)
 These pictures are from the kids' section, but honestly, they were like this throughout the whole store.  Every display was an instant play area for them.  It was hilarious.
 They just carried their game from one spot to the next while Ross and I tried to decide what would work best for us.
 This guy would not leave this chair for a while.  Silly kid!

 We left with a basic book case, some hooks and board attachment, a lantern, a trash can, and an arm full of hazlenut chocolate bars.  Good times. :)


mostlyprobably said...

You went to IKEA and didn't come home with your weight in meatballs? I'm so disappointed...

Holly said...

Kids eat free at Ikea on Tuesdays!