Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Backyard Camping

 We needed to air our tent out and sweep it out after camping, but a string of rainy days hit us after that, which made that process impossible.  Finally we found a day to set up the tent and clean it out.  Ross had the brilliant idea of making a back yard camping night out of it.  We didn't end up sleeping in the tent, but we did have some fun in it while Daddy grilled us some dinner.
 Molly staring longingly at Jack's kabob and hoping something will drop.

 Pretty Sky

 Molly kept jumping up on us until we gave her this corn cob.  It is a good trick that we need to remember.

 Jack had to get in on these mommy+baby pictures.
 The girls taking a table into the tent.  I'm not sure what they needed it for, but they sure had fun.

 My man grills one handed while holding a baby.  Be jealous!

 The dinner was super yummy.  Ross did an excellent job.

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