Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Art Camp

 My friend who held the Princess Camp also held an Art Camp.  The girls loved it.  These are taken of their art show held at the end of the week.  All the kids contributed to a table cloth.  They are pointing to their additions.

 Play-Dough sculptures.  Sara made a kitty, and Emma made a family.  You will notice she had a family theme for this art show.

 Finger paints, paper collages, and Marker drawings.

 Emily said that when they got to the finger painting day, Sara refused to use her fingers because it was too messy and she was worried her mom would be mad.  She insisted on having a brush.  I was bugged she didn't listen to her teacher, but Emily assured me she was very cute and she didn't mind finding a brush for her.

The girls had an awesome time at this art camp.  Emily just opened up a pre-school from her home, and she is fabulous.  If anyone in the area wants her information, let me know as she still has some openings.

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