Monday, September 03, 2012

Hanging with Grandma and Grandpa Goodman

At the end of June (yes we are way back in June- this is happening!) Melissa held a little shin-dig at her house.  This party was extra exciting because Grandma and Grandpa Goodman just happened to be in town for Luke's blessing.  It was lovely.  Ross and I brought some pizza and others made sides and we all feasted accordingly.

Joe and Troy relaxing.
 Grandma reading to Emma, Sara and Macie
 Mr. Jake
 Carter and Sam
 Carter, Sam and Max
 Gena, Brayden and Dallin
 This was very shortly after Luke was born, so I was kind of lazy and sore, so while it looks like these pictures were all taken at one point, they were not.  They were taken throughout the evening.

 Oh look, here are some pictures from Jake's birthday.  They were thrown in with the other pictures from the Russell abode, but are from a totally different and equally awesome gathering.  There were water games and toys and yummy food.  We got Jake some candy (you're welcome, Melissa) and an awesome honky horn for his awesome new bike, but I don't think they were cool enough to trump Rex's gift of rolls of duct tape and zip ties.

 Jack and his watermelon.  I think he ate about half of the entire melon.

 Emma and Sara love any chance to play with Brooke and Macie mow that they are close.  Oh how they wish cousin Abby were out here as well.

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