Thursday, September 20, 2012


 They built a Kneaders in Saratoga Springs.  That means we have a Kneaders within 20 minutes of us.  It is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. 
 Or, at least it runs in the top 10 in September. Look at this little guy!  He is cute. 
 Ross is equally enamored with this fine establishment, so we made it a point to be in attendance at the Grand Opening since it just happened to fall on one of his Fridays off.  Jack celebrated the day by wearing his pirate eye patch, naturally.
 Then he pulled it back and let it fly, and instead of consoling him like other moms might do, I giggled and took a picture to memorialize his anguish.  I'm cool like that.

 Miss Sara loves her some french toast.  She also loves doing her own hair and she is gorgeous.

 It might be a silly thing to take pictures of, but this was a really fun morning, and I am glad I have photographic reminders of it.  It also had me again cursing that prompting to send Emma to public school because I missed her deep in my bones this whole time.

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