Monday, September 24, 2012

Lego Land Day One

 The kids loved going on this fire truck ride with Daddy.  They had to crank it down the rail.
 Then they had to spray some targets in a firey window.
 Note: No legos were melted in the course of this ride.
 Then they had to return the truck to the fire house.
 After which they had to attend a fiesta with a mariachi band to celebrate their success.

The kids loved these little Lego cars.  Jack found them especially exciting.  He's a cool dude!

 After this we got to the ride that Emma had been waiting for all day.  Some friends of ours had recently been to Lego Land and before we went, they came and showed us all their pictures.  Emma saw that there was a ride where she could ride a car all by herself.  She was so excited.

 Unfortunately it was only for children 5 years of age and older.  Sara was NOT happy about this.
 Neither was Daddy.
 So I went about cheering Daddy up.

It's what I do! :)

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