Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunset On the Beach

 When we left Lego Land, got back to the hotel and changed, we had just enough time to run down to the beach and watch the sunset. 
 We forgot our camera because we are not the smartest, so these were from Ross's phone.
 It was really beautiful, though, and I wanted to remember this fun moment.
Our favorite memory of this night was when Sara was DESPERATE to go potty and we jokingly told her to dig a hole and go in it.  Her response was, "But there are people over there, and I think they would be really impressed if I did that!"

We could not stop laughing.  Sara has this cute habit of using big words she has heard.  We love this and her growing vocabulary, but it is the most fun when she re-uses these words in the wrong context.  So cute. :)

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