Saturday, September 22, 2012

Labor Day

 On Labor Day, we were down at my mom's house for a quick visit when my Grandma Wallace called to announce that they were having an impromptu Labor Day picnic at a park up the street.  We were totally in!  Allen and Carrie with their kids, Eve with her kids and my grandparents all got together and had a lovely afternoon potluck picnic.

 This is Brooke.  She is Spencer's special friend, and she was so cute with my kids.  Emma's aunts all refused to go swing with her, and her mother was busy nursing a baby, so Brooke took pity on her and they had a lovely time on the swings.

 The boys, (yes, Ross and Grandpa are both included in that collective label) had some fun with frisbee.

At one point while I was taking pictures while holding Mr. Luke, my husband threw the frisbee at me, and you better believe I caught that sucker with style and poise without dropping any of my precious cargo! No joke.
 We love these laid back plans that bring everyone together.  Thanks, Grandma, for the fantastic idea, and thanks Carrie for the Inca Cola. Yum!

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