Monday, September 03, 2012

Luke's Blessing

 We blessed Luke on July, 1st.  It was a very busy, but very beautiful day.  The day actually started for us right at midnight as Ross and I were still awake trying to get things ready for the next day.  I love that I wasn't up doing it all by myself.  Ross was right there with me chopping and stirring and frosting and cleaning and basically just rocking my crazy long to-do list. I love that guy.
 We finally got to bed around 2:00 and Luke kept me up quite a bit for the remainder of it, so the next morning found us quite ragged, but so excited.  It is always fun to be surrounded by people we love, and we knew this day was going to be just that. 
 We were welcomed by some of my dearest friends before church as we had enlisted their photographic skills to get some family shots with Ross's family.  Ross and I decided to hire a professional photographer to get some family pictures with his parents, brothers and sisters.  The last time we had a group shot with his side was when Emma was 6 months old.  It was well over-due.
 The problem is Ross's siblings have been spread far and wide for a while, and I can't remember a time when everyone was all together in the same room since that last professional shoot.  When we hired the photographer it looked like all the stars had aligned and the Grant Goodman Family was going to finally all be together.  Unfortunately, that wasn't quite the case.  Ross's brother Clay and his adorable family were unable to make it.  This was still as close to complete as we have been in a long time, so we went ahead with the pictures anyway.

 Notice that the baby is hungry, Sara is pouting, Jack (my usual camera ham) has no expression whatsoever, and Emma has a black eye.  Some women might cringe at such a picture, but all I can see is my family in their natural state, and I can't help but love it.

 I am so glad we did.  They all turned out so fun.  Annette really did a great job.  I highly recommend her and I would gladly give her information to anyone looking.

 We really wish Clay and Stephanie could have been here with their kids.  I am very grateful to Ross's siblings for cooperating with this scheme of mine and coming early.  We know it meant some of them leaving quite early to get there on time.  It meant a lot to me. 

 How funny is little Max there pouting in the front?!  Also notice that Jack is not in this shot.  Little stink!

 Anyway- back to the day.  Ross did a wonderful job of blessing Luke.  It was a beautiful blessing, and quite different from the blessings he gave our other babies.  Luke was blessed with discernment and faith and a strong testimony.  He was told he would be guided by the Spirit and that he would be able to identify that Spirit from an early age.  There were other things that were just as lovely.  Ross and I both bore our testimonies in the meeting, but I have to say that I had not planned to.  Emma made that happen. 

The night before she said, "Mom, do you know how sometimes they let kids come up and talk in the microphone at church?  Can I do that tomorrow since all my grandmas are coming?"  I was so happy I was able to tell her yes, and she made me very proud and teary with her sweet declaration of love and faith.  I don't believe in having kids bear testimony in church if they have to have someone whispering the words to them.  That isn't a real testimony in my mind, so what Emma said was her own doing and from her own sweet little heart.  She did want me to stand with her because she was scared, but she got no prompting of words from me at all. I sure love her.  Since I was up there with her anyway, I chose to offer my own  testimony since we were so blessed to be there with so many people we love.

Here they all are, except for Rex and his family as they had to sneak out early right after the blessing.  Seriously, I have the best friends and the most loving family.  I am so blessed.  Thank you to everyone who came, and to those who could not come, but found a way to show your love and support in other ways.
 This is Annette (the fabulous photographer) and Corey, my friend from high school.  We were on the ballroom dance team together and he is a wonderful friend who just happened to marry a wonderful woman that I am also lucky to call a good friend. 
 We had taco salad prepared at home with angel food cake and fun toppings.  It was just enough food for everyone to have some without me having to store leftovers.  Perfect.  When everyone left, we spent some time with Ross's parents, and then lounged around the house recovering from our very long night and very active day.

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