Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Polar Bear

 After our trip to the zoo with Sara's pre-school class, we knew we had to come back soon, not just because we bought a year family pass, but because they were just about finished with their Rocky Shores Exhibit which includes a polar bear, grizzly bears, otters, seals, sea lions, and other awesome animals in that same vein.
 Emma loves being able to read maps now.  

 Seriously, how awesome is this bear?

 I want some pet otters.  They are almost cuter than my kids.

 Ross swears that just before he took this picture, that bear in front did a cartwheel, picked up a dandelion and blew the fluff all around.
 The elephants

 the polar bear would do this fun thing where he would come right up to the glass and then do a little back flip through the water before swimming on back.

 This was such a fun day.  I love the zoo, I love my kids, and I really love this hunk of sweaty, zoo smelling man!

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