Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Wallace Camp-Out 2012

 Yes, it is time for the annual onslaught of pictures from the Soldier Hollow camping trip with the Wallace family.

My mom getting in some much needed reading time.
 Carrie made us Island Pork.  It was excellent.

 Luke took many naps, but not long ones.  We spent a lot of time nursing and fussing in this tent.
 However, he sure is cute when he sleeps.
 The tarp masterpiece my dad and husband put together.
 Miss Sara with her lovely dream catcher.
 Jack with his two lollipops.  Because he has two hands.  And each hand needs a sticky, sugary sucker.  Grandpa might have had something to do with this.
 Oh yes, please touch everything possible with those, will you, Jack?

 Miss Emma.  Dirty, sunburned, and happy.  Just how she likes it.

 Miss Molly.  Everyone else complained about her which was kind of annoying since she was a really good puppy for the most part.  We probably won't take her again, though.

 The stinker would not keep his shoes on.  His feet were disgusting.

 We took a walk down to the lake with my mom and dad.  Jack fell asleep on the way down.

 Dad gave Nate some good fishing tips.

 My mom collected some drift wood for my dad.  She is nice like that.  Notice her amazingly awesome necklace.

 Why yes, I do plan on framing this picture.  I don't know why, but I absolutely love this shot.

 This guy got quite fussy.  He had a hard time on this trip and so did I.  I'm not sure we will come again next year, which makes me sad to say.
 Fishing for crawdads.

 Nate played hide and seek and lots of other fun games with my girls.  He is a good cousin.  Or technically, first cousin once removed.

 I don't know why he insists on sticking his tongue out in all the pictures now, but I kind of love it.

 Luke flirting with Carrie
 I stole this picture from Carrie only because it is the only one I have of this shirt.  Luke LOVED this shirt on Allen.  He would track him all over the campsite and smiled so big when all those colors got up close to him.  It was cute.
 Grandma brought dream catcher sets for us to make.  Nobody could figure out why theirs wouldn't work until Tanner turned out a gorgeous one.  When asked how he did it, he said he had just read the instructions.  Genius, Tanner!  Pure brilliance!
 Brooke, Spencer's 'friend' came and joined us.  I like her lots and don't mind at all if she starts coming to more of these events.

 Tanner got a cutthroat.  It wasn't one of the marked ones worth money, though.
 My favorite Aunt Carrie.
 Grandma and Luke.  She held him all night by the campfire and only asked that I roast her a marshmallow in return, which I gladly did.  I am an awesome marshmallow roaster, by the way.
 Carrie showing my kids how to play with knives and sharp sticks really close to the fire. :)
 Granpda Wallace
 Sara's kid friendly dream catcher.

 Emma bought this puzzle at the dollar store with her birthday money way back in February and waited to open it for this very occasion.  She really does look forward to this all year long.
 Allen took Emma and Molly on a walk.  Or they took him on a walk.  He is nice.

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