Wednesday, September 05, 2012

7 Peaks

One day in August (yes, we are up to August now in the updates.  Please applaud.) we decided to try out the 7 Peaks location in Salt Lake to see how it compared to the Provo location.  We loved it.  The kids loved it.  Luke liked nursing in the shade there, so no complaints from him.  It didn't have as many big slides, but since we go with the kids, that didn't matter at all.  It wasn't as crowded, and it was a lot more kid friendly in my opinion.  There was also a lot more shade, and since I spend most of our 7 Peaks time in the shade with the baby and my Kindle, I was very pleased.

We actually saw a bunch of people from our ward there.  Seems as though we weren't the only ones to snag that awesome deal on the Pass of All Passes. :)  I didn't take any pictures there, but here is Jack right as we got home.  This boy isn't one to really take naps anymore, so when he does, you know we have done something completely strenuous and probably exciting.

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