Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Things that Make me Happy

AKA- random pictures I stole from Dana's camera.

Emma- demon eyes and all. This girl is the best helper, and is so smart. Sometimes I talk to her about things and forget that she is only 4 and not one of my twenty-something friends. I loved this picture because her expression makes her look older and more mature. Dana and her fluff. I am not sure what was happening here, but good Heavens, I like this girl!
The view from my parent's house. Pretty.
OK, this wasn't from Dana's camera- but it still makes me happy. These are the roses Ross got me for no reason aside from he loves me and likes to make me smile. I like that guy kind of a lot.
Jack-Face. This boy. Oh my. He really is at the very tip top of the list of things that make me happy right now. His smiles and his laughs and his snuggles and his tooth and his post bath lotiony goodness smell and just everything about him makes my heart so heavy with love and happiness.

*Please note- the title says some things. This list is in no way comprehensive so don't get your panties in a twist if you weren't featured here. :)*


Caulene said...

Wel I like the small bit of the very long list you showed. So, no worries.

mostlyprobably said...

I love the roses. Ross is a keeper and two halves. Wait a minute... whatever. Also, Jack is getting too big and you need to make him stop.