Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Rotary Phone

My mom has had this old, old, OLD rotary phone for ages. I think my Grandma Wallace 'lent' it to her when one of our phones died, and it just never found its way home. Anyway, now that landlines are a thing of the past for our wireless clan, the old phone has become an integral part of the toy collection at Grandpa's house.

Caulene was nice and played along on this phone concocted for her by Emma. Sara refused to talk to anyone who was not using some kind of telephonic device. That's how the game goes, apparently. Dana was a good girl doing her Algebra homework. :)
I love all of her facial expressions!
She gets so animated!
I am actually surprised that she knows how to use this.


emi-jo said...

she knows how to use it because all your children are the smartest cookies on this planet, that's how. :) good for her! :D

mostlyprobably said...

I love all of her facial expressions. Sass!