Sunday, September 26, 2010

Emma's First Field Trip

Emma went on her first field trip on Tuesday. Her class went up Provo Canyon to look at the changing leaves and talk about Fall.
Sara preferred the flowers to the leaves. She was so excited that she got to go to school with Emma!

We did a scavenger hunt where Emma had to find certain things in nature and collect them in that bag. She got all of them except for the bug which she thought was a silly thing to find because it would eat all her leaves.
That sweater is so small on Sara now, but she loves it and keeps finding it when I put it away.

Jack was the best boy ever. He always is.
I love this crazy little girl, and I can't believe she is big enough now to need a chaperone for field trips. I also like her smile-on-demand look. What a kook!
After her field trip was over (which was complete with birthday cupcakes for another boy in her class- awesome timing!) we did some grocery shopping, and then met Ross at my dad's house where we watched Robin Hood of the Russel Crowe variety on the back porch. Good day!

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