Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sara and her Barbies

The first thing Sara always asks for when she comes to Grandma's house is the Barbies. These are old Barbies. Dana's old Barbies, and some given to us by neighbors.
In fact, that pink case used to be my Grandma Wallace's cosmetic case. When my mom inherited it, it was kind of messy and mistinted, so she covered it with this fun Barbie wrapping paper that Caulene picked out.

I love when Sara gets into her own little world with these. Her creativity is so fun. I love hearing what their names are, and what kind of trouble they are getting into.
Sometimes even Sam gets to play.
And sometimes her hand acts as an evil villain- but only when properly dressed.
I am certain that in 20 years if you ask Sara what she loved most about Grandma's house, the Barbies will be high on her list.


Carrie said...

nice! i used to play with my gma's 1950's barbies which my aunt always told her that she shouldn't let us play with because they were antiques, but my gma didn't care! even had the cadillac! love the barbie wrapping paper case!

mostlyprobably said...

I LOVE the evil villain hand. Your girls are the most clever girls ever. I imagine they would be pretty cool to hang out with all day.