Saturday, October 02, 2010

Tender Mercies: Friends Edition

I have really great friends. This is sometimes surprising to me considering my general anti-social nature, but somehow, I was lucky enough to trick some incredible people into liking me enough to let me stay a part of their lives for awhile. I like that.

Ross makes fun of me sometimes for not having any real close friends that I met while we were married. All of my closest friends, save a couple that were college roommates, are friends I have had since high school, or maybe even junior high.

I am incredibly shy. Breaking out of my shell takes a lot of time and acclimation, which isn't something I usually get when my mind is focussed on kidlets running around and a husband who I would rather spend every spare second with rather than awkwardly meeting and chit-chatting with strangers. I have never been one to long for a giant group of friends. I much prefer having a small circle of close friends. I prefer being around friends who already know everything about me so no background is needed for any story I tell. I prefer opening up to people who know my personal brand of crazy and have learned that, for some odd reason in their minds, that craziness is worth enduring for the sake of remaining my friend.

This week has been fun as I have been able to spend time with three people whom I consider some of my very best friends. Each time I have left those friend dates feeling happier, inspired, and most importantly, loved. None of them forced me to talk about my post-partum, but were open to it if I needed it. Those times were mostly spent laughing, chatting, and losing track of the time. I LOVE losing track of time when with friends. It means all parties were enjoying their immediate company so much that they didn't realize how quickly time was slipping by.

I full-heartedly believe the old adage that laughter is the best medicine, and I got a lot of that this week. So- Brittany, Carrie, and Emily- thank you for taking time out of your insanely busy lives to uplift the weakest of your friends at the moment. It meant a lot. I love you each so very much and am beyond grateful that you are OK with slummin' it with me every now and again.


emi-jo said...

...are there enough words in the english language to describe or explain how much i love you?? i submit that there are not. :)
i love you, manda!

Carrie Gross said...

I will always take time out for you! It's such a needed release for me too. :)

mostlyprobably said...

Agreed. Amanda times are necessary for my mental health. Anytime, friend. :)