Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scripture Lessons in The Little Mermaid

This is another Emma post. I try to keep it even usually, but that girl has been utterly blog-worthy lately.

Today we were watching The Little Mermaid, and during the storm scene (that was the best picture I could find of the storm scene- Google is a little lame and a little dirty today. . .) Emma whipped out this jewel of a comment. "Mom, if Prince Eric had talked to Jesus, he could have calmed the storm and saved the ship because he is special. He would have said 'Peace and still', and that means calm down. Why didn't Eric do that, Mom?"

It's times like that when I feel like maybe I'm not so shabby at this mom thing after all.

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Austin said...

Out of the mouths of babes, as the scripture goes. That is too great, I can't wait to hear Morgan's observations about faith in Disney movies.

And I like Emma's message better than the cynical one expressed by and other places about the Little Mermaid: If you sacrifice and give up your family and an essential part of who you are for a boy who gives up nothing for you, everything will work out in the end! ;)