Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gettin' My Craft On!

Last Saturday was my ward's Super Saturday- AKA: one of the very few times of the year I get the hankering to be crafty. My sweet friend, Belinda from the Outback requested I post some pictures, so this is for her.

I'm not very artistic or creative as far as crafting things go. I am, however, excellent at mimicking creative people. Super Saturday is the perfect chance for me to sit around lots of creative women and copy them.

This year I put together an amazing FHE binder that is very exciting to me, but not very crafty, and some cute bows for the girls.

They were nice enough to help model them.

Also, I made that skirt during General Conference. I used the circle skirt tutorial from I plan on making about 12 more, some for the girls, and some for me.
I made this too, but not at Super Saturday. Gosh, he's cute!
Here are all the others I made. They are all on alligator clips or bobby pins.
They made me wear one too.
Actually, we have some more family crafts we plan on doing for a service project for our stake. They have to be turned in by the 29th, so we will have some fun pictures of those in a bit. I just need Ross to use the power tools I am afraid to touch due to my love for my digits.

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Belinda Chan Oates said...

OH AMANDA !! How adorable ! You are one clever gal ! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE <3 the flowers ! The photos are so cute ! I just wish I had more time to make some of these...hmmm...I think our stake needs to have Super Saturdays too ! :) I'll speak to the Stake Presidency me thinks!
Thank you for posting this !
Belinda (X)(X)(X)