Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Perfectly Lovely Day

It started with a nice Bountiful Basket with fun new things I have never cooked with like parsnips, pommegranites, and a pineapple. (OK, I have used a pineapple before, but I couldn't resist the opportunity for alliteration.)

After snuggling with Ross, we got up and cleaned the house while snacking on donuts and fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast.

We dropped the kids off at Grandma Wallace's house where they helped with the apple juicing while Ross and I went to the BYU game.

We got mistakenly directed into the Cougar Club parking without having to pay a fee. We opted not to point out the mistake. Don't judge. :)

BYU won. A miracle for this season, it seems. Rah, Rah, RaRaRa, Go Cougars!

I snuggled with and fed my baby while Ross and Dad went to get some pizza.

There was much chatting, laughing, and playing with the sweetest kitten ever.

My mom's house smelled like apples and cinnamon. The real apple and cinnamon smell from real apples and cinnamon. The kind potpourri and candle companies will never quite be able to adequately duplicate. Wonderful.

We came home and had ice cream and home-made apple dumplings.

The girls are now bathed and are brushing their teeth while dancing around the bathroom. There will be a mess to clean up, but how can I impede on that cuteness?

The kids will be asleep within the next 20 minutes, and Ross and I will put in a movie and maybe watch it, maybe talk and laugh while it is on, or maybe turn it off and go to sleep early. All three are favorable options as long as I get to do them with Ross.

Not the most amazing post, but really- quite the amazing day.

**Note from Ross- the Giants are in the World Series!! Woooohooooo!! Best day ever!! Go Giants!!!!!!!**

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Dawn said...

It was a busy, but good day. BTW, Sophie is a boy. Just thought you might want to know.