Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sara Belle is a Quarter of a Year Old!!

I knew I was forgetting someone on Monday! It was my own daughter- good job Mommy! Sara turned 3 months old on Monday. Sara is a wonderful baby, and has filled our home with so much love and joy! She is a beautiful girl who loves to sleep, eat, and smile! I have never known a baby to spit up as much as she does, but I have also never seen a baby who smiles as much as she does! She is always grinning from ear to ear, and she has the CUTEST little baby giggle I have ever heard. Lately she has been getting very vocal. She makes lots of cooing and ahing noises- so cute! I am so grateful for what a sweet girl she is. I was sure I was going to have another Emma on my hands when she was so active in the womb. I love Emma- she is amazing and SOOO smart, but she was a really difficult baby. It has been quite the relief to have Sara be so calm and layed back- not to mention that she sleeps at night!! We love our little Sara Bear so much and are so glad that she is ours.

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