Monday, May 12, 2008

Memory, All Alone in the Moonlight

Ross took this picture in October, 2003. He needed an image to mess around with for a project in one of his Communication Technology courses. He later told me (though he swears he has no recolection of it now) that it was the hours he spent looking at this picture that made him want to ask me to Cabaret- which is where our relationship took off. Anyway, when Ross went home for Thanksgiving he was telling his dad about his two girlfriends (player!) and Grant asked to see pictures because, "I have a hard time believing two pretty girls would go for you at the same time." After seeing the pictures he said, "Is there something about you we don't know? Cause they both look too good for you!" Haha- I laughed really hard when he told me that- it made me want to meet his dad!

Oh- and for my Aunt Carrie and anyone else who is a recent member of my fan club :) I have a trunkated reader's digest version of our whole story at:
and the story of the first time Ross said he loved me is here:

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Carrie said...

hey, thanks! and i like your monday memories, cause at least i know you'll have a new post every week!