Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Real Update

Ross has been getting after me for not really journaling our recent events lately, so I will try to quickly relate all of the happenings of the past couple of weeks.

On Friday, May second, Caulene called me up around 11:00 am to tell me that my father was on his way to the hospital. He had come home from work with some horrible pains in his side. When Caulene asked him where they were she immediately recognized it as Appendicitus and sent him off to the hospital. I have to say that the fact that he went with so little prodding is a great indicator of just how much pain he was really in! I get my aversion to doctors from him! He told Caulene to tell Heather and me, but NOT my mom- he didn't want her to worry. When I got off the phone with Caulene I called up my mom at her school to let her know what was happening- my dad never told ME not to tell her :)

Let me just digress here a little bit and say that I have gotten a lot of phlack from my dad and my sisters for doing this! All I can say is that I thought about what I would have wanted if it had been Ross in the hospital. I decided that the little extra worry of knowing what is happening as it is happening as opposed to hearing all about it after the fact would be worth it just on the off-chance that something went wrong- which happens all the time!! I know that it wasn't following my father's wishes, and I know he was the one in the hospital- I don't care. That was an unkind and unfair request to make- and technically he didn't even request it of me until I had already told her!

My mother was grateful to know what was happening- and in NO WAY did she freak out!! So there!! She took it very calmly. She told the office what was happening and then prepared some lesson plans while she waited for her sub to get there. She went to the hospital when she was replaced to find a very disgruntled husband. I knew that my dad would not want her to sit in his room the whole day since he didn't even want her to know, so Ross and I packed up the kids and headed out to keep her company in the waiting room. We spent the day eating lunch, chatting, reading and watching episodes of Scrubs (I found that quite fitting) on my laptop. As he was coming out of the surgery, my mom and I were in the hall as he passed in the gurney. He grabbed my mom's hand and said, "I'm glad that you're here." See- I did a good thing here! When he was out and we knew everything was fine, Ross and I headed back to our house, and I took a much needed nap. I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep the night before due to a nasty migraine.

The next day I managed to continually mess up all day. I was supposed to go to a ward party luau, my friend Carrie's bridal picture shoot, and my friend James's wedding reception. Let me just recap that whole mess by saying all of those things over-lapped, and in my attempt to get to all of them, I missed every single one! Now part of that blame lies in mapquest and the incorrect directions they gave me. Either way, I feel like I let down some of the most important people in my life.

The big highlight of last week happened on Thursday. Ross and I decided to try and seed our back yard. The amount of sod we would need would run us a couple thousand dollars while twice as much seed as we would need ran us around $50. We spent a lot of time and muscle breaking up the desert-like terrain and mixing in some topsoil and manure. We pruned and dunged and watched- what more could we have done for our lawn? Anyway, we are still waiting to see if the seed took- no good signs yet. If nothing happens we will try some more seed in a month or so. If that doesn't work, we will save up for some sod and hopefully get a backyard lawn next year.

That same night, I was called up by a member of the Compassionate Service Committee to take dinner to one of our neighbors across the street. I know it is silly, but I was so excited!!! We have been pretty underused and overlooked in most of our wards, even with my numerous requests for callings. It was a good sign to me that this ward may actually use me!!!
Oh- we also got our bedroom set delivered that day, I will have to put pictures up later- I LOVE it. Thanks Uncle Sam- it is just what we wanted!

On Saturday, my Grandma and Grandpa Jones came up from St. George to visit with us. It was REALLY good to see them- it was the first time they had met little Sara. We had a great lunch at Los Hermanos and then they came out to see our house.

Sunday was a pretty good day. Ross and Emma made me cinnamon rolls, and I came home from church with A LOT of candy. While I was getting ready to head out to my Grandma Wallace's house, Ross had me open a pound of chocolates from Mrs. Cavenaugh's, and a gift certificate for a couple's massage. That's right, for Mother's Day Ross got himself a massage- so sneaky!! Actually, I told him that I would most likely never be able to do something like that by myself- he was being sweet and he found a way around it. We went and had dinner at Grandma's house, and on our way home, Melissa called us to see if we were home because they were on their way to visit. They beat us there, which meant that I had no time to quickly make my bed and hide the dirty dishes (who cleans on Mother's Day?). They were nice and overlooked the evidence of my poor mothering, and we had a nice conversation while Emma enterained the kids upstairs. They were really impressed with Exfuse, and would like to buy and consume it regularly now! (We know it is true- just admit it!)

This week has gone pretty smoothly aside from the fact that Sara Bear is teething, and has been living up to her nickname!! Our neighbor gave us some teething tablets that have been a Godsend. I only give her one a day when she is the worst because things like that still make me a little nervous even if they are all natural and oganic and all that crap. We are very grateful for them, and I hope this tooth comes in quickly so I can have me smiley little angel back.


Heidi Ferguson said...

Hey you have to be extremely patient with seeding grass and to be very careful to not walk on the seeded areas. My mom has grown grass several times...one of the times was like a month before my wedding reception at our house and by the time my wedding came, it STILL wasn't grown in all the way. It takes FOREVER, so don't get discouraged if you don't see it for awhile.

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

I would've called your mother too, what is the deal with THAT!!! Good luck with the grass! I notice sometimes people put a layer of straw over it, but that may be to keep the seed from blowing away out here in our windy weather.