Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

My ex is .... a label I could put on more people than I care to divulge at the moment.
Maybe I should ... take a shower while the kids are asleep so that I can get through one without a little visitor throwing ducks at me.
I love ... Ross.
I don't understand ... why I waited all day to try one of the teething tablets that my neighbor gave me for Sara. They worked wonders!!
I lost my ... my tiny little figure- I am trying to find it though.
People would say that I'm ... I really am not sure. I would hope that it would be something nice- or at least true.
I look forward to. . . the couples massage Ross got me for Mother's Day.
Love is ... letting someone vent about something they are frustrated about when they seem silly or trivial in comparison to things you are going through without letting on to that fact.
Somewhere, someone is ... hiding their tears.
I will always ... have Ross- whether he likes it or not.
Forever is ... something I believe in.
I think the current President is ... trying- truly trying.
I woke up this morning ... with a migraine and a very sore shoulder.
Life is full of ... delays.
My past ... is just that.
I get annoyed when ... I have to repeat myself more than twice.
I wish ... I had had some warning before Jim and Melissa saw my house tonight- sorry guys!
My dog ... is dead- she was amazing though!
Tomorrow I'm going to ... have a lot to do- just like any other day.
I have no tolerance for people who ... feel the need to 'one up' everyone in their conversations. Seriously- let someone else have the spot-light for just a little bit!! "Well, I walked on the moon!" (Can anyone name the source of that quote?)
If I had a million dollars I would ... not have to worry so much anymore.
Sometimes I want to ... just run at night.
Home is ... where Ross is- no wonder I was so lost when he was gone.
We are ... needed- evey single one of us!
This weekend ... went too fast and was full of family- just the way I like it.
I understand ... that there is so much that I just don't understand.
If I had a chance ... I would take a day off from being the 'me' I am supposed to be and am trying so desperately to be, and just be me!

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Carrie said...

Things work out better if you just be yourself, I do admit it's easier when your 40 though! Why is that?