Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Aunt Caulene and Cookie Cake

Emma has been doing very well with her potty training lately. She has been pretty good with having no accidents when I put her on her potty with a movie on (the only time she gets to watch movies), but this week I decided to try and take it to the next level. I am waiting for her to tell me when she needs to go. I still take her pants off so she is just in a shirt and panties when I know she is right around her normal time frame to go, but then I let her play like that and cross my fingers hoping she will get herself to the potty. When she does, (she hasn't missed yet- knock on wood) she gets an extra special treat of her choice. This usally consists of some cheesey chips (Doritos) or half a cookie, or even a muffin at one point. Yesterday, however, she decided that she wanted to call her Aunt Caulene. I tried ot talk her out of it knowing that Caulene was at work at the time, and I even offered her some of the chocolate ice cream that I usually save just for Daddy. She would have none of it- she just wanted to "Tell Caween I'm a big girl. Call Caween and say I poopoo on the potty!" So, I called her up, and she graciously listened to Emma babble on for a minute or so about how she was a big girl and did her poopoo on the potty and she wanted Caulene and Dana to come and blow bubbles with her. It was really sweet of Caulene to be so patient- Emma really loves her!

Today for her special treat she said she wanted a cookie, so I pulled down the keebler chocolate crap (I mean chip) cookies that Ross brought home (somehow things like that always seem to pop up in the pantry when I ask Ross to pick something up from the store on his way home), but Emma did not want one of those. "No, mommy- I want a good cookie! A Mommy cookie. Me and mommy make some cookies yummy- OK? Yeah!" I got out my cookbook and decided to make some bar cookies since I didn't really want to take the time to roll out individual ones (lazy alert!!). When I pulled them out about 15 minutes later, Emma got all excited and started dancing around the kitchen singing "Cookie cake! Yay!! Cookie cake!!" I wish every meal I made got this kind of reception.


Carrie said...

Very cute!

Caulene said...

I loved that Emma called me at work. It made the day go so much better. Oh and in case you didn't know The last three days I have been recieving at least three calls from Emma. Yesterday we talked about bubbles and why she had your phone. I love talking to her but I always wonder if you know that she has your phone.

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

What a cutie! I am glad that the bare butt thing is working for you. I am with you and Emma about the store bought cookies being not so great.