Thursday, January 02, 2014

Spook Alley at the Scott's House

Our ward has an interesting twist in the boundaries. There is one outlying road to our area that is up on a hill on a dirt road. The houses there have more agricultural elements and are pretty far spaced. One of the older couples up there likes to find ways to bring the ward out there on occasion. I think they start to miss their family, and let us all stand in as proxy. They are wonderful. They host parties for the youth, and priesthood quorums, open up their indoor swimming pool for FHE where anyone is welcome to attend between certain hours, and other such events. Last year they threw a big Halloween party for the whole ward to see how it would go. It was a hit, so they did it again this year. They house the missionaries in their home, so the Elders got in on the action as well. There were lots of fun games, a spook alley, and tons of food. I think this year was even better than last year because we made sure that Karen got more help with the food than she had last year.

As always, my costume rule was that they could dress up as anything from the costume box- but I was not going to buy or make anything. I think they found some great outfits. Thank Heavens for my awesome mom and sisters that keep that box nice and full of great stuff! That Gryffindor robe on Jack is actually my size, so I did work some alterations for him. He was insistent because he found a stick outside that looked like a wand. Kids are fun.

I love my ward and the wonderful people I am blessed to be around out here. The Scotts are just one of the many couples out here that motivate me to be a better person and find new ways to serve others.

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