Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Emma's Wax Museum Project

Emma had a wax museum project. She chose to study Laura Ingalls Wilder, which was music to my ears, as Laura and I go WAY back. We read the first two books, found some pioneer gear for her to use, and then printed off ten facts about her. She had to memorize those facts, and present them to people as they came through, and make a poster.

I have to admit that I was a bit worried about her poster. I wanted this to be her project, so other than printing things out, I left it up to her. She did all the cutting, gluing and writing. I knew that there would be numerous posters there created by parents and I worried that she would feel embarrassed when she compared hers to theirs. This was a good lesson to me. She didn't care in the least or even seem to notice that hers was not as tidy or impressive as others. She was so proud of her work and so happy with how it came together. I am glad I learned this now so I don't push my way into other projects. There is no way she would have been so happy with her work had I stepped in more. I am so proud of her and I love being her mom. Good job, Emma-Roo! You make me so very happy. :)

For those interested, the facts she memorized were:
  1. I lived until three days after my 90th birthday.
  2. I started writing my books when I was 65 because my daughter, Rose, asked me to. I didn't think anyone would want to read them.
  3. My favorite food is curly, crispy, pig tail.
  4. My big sister, Mary, got scarlet fever as a child and went blind. I worked as a teacher to help pay for her to go to a special school.
  5. My favorite Christmas present as a child was a rag doll named Charlotte. I got her from Santa.
  6. One day when my Pa was away, two Indians came into my house, and it was very scary. One of the Indians had clothes made from a skunk and it was very stinky.
  7. I called my husband 'Manly' because it was short for Almanzo. He called me 'Bess' because his sister was also named Laura.
  8. My Ma loved fashion when she was a young lady and bought all of her clothes at the store. When she got married to Pa, she had to start making her own clothes.
  9. I had two children, but one died as a baby. I stayed very close to my daughter, Rose, through my whole life.
  10. Before going to bed as a child, I loved to hear my Pa play the fiddle.

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Dawn said...

Thank you for being a parent who allows her child to do the assignment. I wish more parents were like you.