Thursday, January 02, 2014

Patti's Neighborhood Halloween Party

 My sweet friend, Patti, from my book club likes to throw a Halloween party for all the neighborhood kids every year. She has food, fun games, a prize for every child to take home, and ends the big shabang with a pinata. It is so fun, and something my kids look forward to.

Ben Rawlins came in his Indiana Jones costume, and Luke was enthralled!

 Sara won this game! She has a good arm for such a little girl. This is Emma taking a shot, and somehow I missed getting one of Sara. She was proud of the ring pop she got for winning.
 Luke walked around in that cup for a while, and we called him Peg Leg Luke. Funny boy.
 There is her prize ring pop! Every kid got to pick a present. As soon as I saw that one of the options was a notebook and a box of markers, I knew just what was coming home with us via Sara.
 She got right to work! I love her creative streak.
 The boys were sitting so cute in this chair, so I went to take a picture. Before I could snap a shot of their brotherly love, this happened. Oh well...
 The pinata!

 We came home with lots of candy. I love living in this fun neighborhood with so many good friends and generous hearts.

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