Thursday, January 02, 2014

Emma's Kindle

 For her birthday in February, Emma asked for a Kindle Fire. Ross and I were not comfortable getting such an expensive item for a seven year old, so we made a deal. We told her that if she saved up for half of one, we would pay the other half. That meant that she needed to save up about $75. Later, I found a couple of Kindle Fires on sale for $75 each, and I bought them and put some $5 cases on them. This meant that if Emma wanted to claim one as her own, she only needed to save up $40. She had that amount in July, but wasn't quite ready to turn over all of that money. It is a lot for such a little girl. I told her that was fine, and it would be there for her to purchase when she was ready if she chose to. If not, it would just be a family device to be used for road trips and church meetings and other such things. In October, out of the blue, she came and told me that she had decided that she was ready, so we emptied out her piggy bank and counted out the right amount. This was all of her Christmas and birthday money as well as money from extra chores she had done for us. I was very proud of her hard work, and she is very happy with her Kindle Fire. I think she will take rally good care of it since she had to work so hard to earn it. The money she gave us will be put into her savings account. I sure love this little girl!

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