Thursday, January 02, 2014


 We got some coupons from some friends to get free admission for our kids to Cornbelly's. We took advantage of that on November 2nd. I don't know that it is something we would ever do without coupons again, but the kids had fun. Honestly, Ross and I were both kind of sick at this point, so it might have been more fun had we not been so miserable. We got to watch a big pumpkin drop, collected some booty from the candy cannon, and saw all the venues the kids wanted. I think it was smart to go after Halloween as a lot of people were over this event or forgot that it was still there. It was nice not having too big of a crowd.
 Rubber Ducky Racing
The cow train.

 The Spider Net
 The kids all loved the big wood structures throughout the park. The train, bus, tractor, carriage and all the others were way more exciting to them than even the train ride. I love how easily pleased they are and how vivid their imagination is.
Pumpkin bowling. We grabbed some lunch on the way home and finally slowed down for a little bit.

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