Thursday, January 02, 2014

Caulene's Graduation

 I was about to move on with November when I found a bunch of pictures that had not been blogged yet. So- now we get to go back in time again. Are you excited? These are from Caulene's graduation in May. She worked so hard to get to this point, and we were so proud of her.

This is Caulene and her best friend, Socorro. They graduated on the same day, but from different programs. Caulene graduated from the culinary program.
 All the sisters. This is while Ross was in Texas, and I had a pretty big headache from running around to school stuff that whole day. I was so happy to be there for her, though.

 Caulene, her husband, Daniel, and her requested graduation gift.
 She is such a good aunt!
 After the commencement ceremony, we headed to my mom's house for steaks as per the grad's request.

 Luke, who was still a red head at this point, enjoyed some bananas instead of steak.

I love you, Caulene. I am so glad we got to share this special moment with you.

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