Sunday, May 26, 2013

Houston Trip: Day 8

 We had big plans this day to go to the zoo, but there was another major rain storm that morning which cancelled those plans. Thankfully, the rain let up enough for us to meet up with Sophia and her kids at the reflection pool at Hermann Park.

 Emma loved seeing all the turtles in the pool. You can see the little head of one in this shot.
 Shortly after the picture below was taken, a big gust of wind blew an inflated beach ball of Sophia's away, which produced a grand adventure as we worked to fish it out. All was well in the end and the ball was returned and deflated so as to avoid future troubles such as that one.
 When the Cranes left, we headed over to the Japanese gardens to walk around a bit. I was so impressed. They were really quite lovely. We wanted to bring Ross back here, but we just never made it with all the other stuff going on.

 Such a happy baby, even with a bunch of teeth coming in.

 When Ross got home from work this day, he told me to not even think about cooking because he had a hankering for seafood. this led us down the street to Joe's Crab Shack where we all shared a giant steamer of crab, shrimp, sausage, and lobster. It was so yummy!

 Jack loved all the tools needed to cut them open.

 After dinner, we went to Target to get some things we needed for Mr. Luke's birthday the next day. While there, we saw these lovelies, and I almost did something very unladylike because I was laughing so hard.
 Unicorns are a bit of an inside joke with my Bunco ladies and me, and I was sooooo tempted to buy these to show them, but decided the pictures were enough for the moment.

When I was putting Luke down for the night, he  had a fever. We gave him some medicine to help him with the fever, but he had a pretty fitful night of sleep. It was so hard to see him so sad and fussy.

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Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Luke with a crab leg (I think that's what it is). Bahaha! My kind of kid. Also, I really love your family. I think it's so sweet you all went down there to be with Ross while he was gone. It would be hard for me to live in a hotel that long, especially with kids, away from home. Glad you guys are back now. :)