Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Houston Trip: Day 7

This day was pretty low key for us. Luke had been feeling under the weather, and Emma had some school work to catch up with, so we decided to just hang around the room and relax. We headed to the store for a bit to grab some items for dinner that night, which was a wonderful BBQ feast grilled up by Ross in the little outdoor picnic area at the hotel.
 I was a bit limited on what to use for the marinade for the chicken and beef because, well, we are living in a hotel room at the moment. I have to say, however, that it was the best marinade we have EVER had. The chicken was especially wonderful. I used Morton's seasoning, Seasonall, BBQ sauce, and the juice from a small tangerine. Amazing. We will be replicating this in the future.

Ross did a great job grilling everything, and we were lucky that nobody else had the same plans we did because we had total privacy the entire time.

 This guy sure knows where the naughty stuff is...
 It was a really simple day, but it was fun because we spent it all together.

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Anonymous said...

I associated the "naughty stuff" caption with the wrong photo and thought you were talking about Ross. I was looking for something obscene in that picture for about five minutes (or something like that). Haha!