Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Houston Trip: Day 3

This was a fun day. It was VERY rainy. It stormed all day with thunder and lightning and there were flash flood warnings all over town. We watched a movie, did school work, read books, and listened to it all with open windows. So lovely. I was worried that the rain would ruin the plans we had made for later that night, but it didn't, which made it even better! It stopped raining around 4:00, and then the sun came out to start drying things out a bit.

It was Friday, so we made sure that we had something really yummy ready when Ross came home from work. I am sure the rest of the hotel was jealous of the smell of pot roast coming from our room since it really did spread everywhere. It was quite yummy.

When dinner was eaten, we headed over to Miller Outdoor Theater at Hermann Park to watch the Houston Ballet perform Madame Butterfly. For free. I can't believe they let us see this amazing show for free! Sophia had tipped us off to this fun event and met us there with her little Liliana. Here are some pictures. Again, we had the wrong setting. I think I have figured it out a little bit better now...

 Ross was a good sport. I know this isn't his thing, but he came and had a good time regardless of that. He said he could appreciate the athleticism of a lot of the moves they did. He was also paying attention enough to want me to tell him the story line as things happened.

 These girls LOVED the show! There was a little girl in it, and they thought it was really fun to see someone their age up on stage.

 This guy had the hardest time. He got bored and tired and ended up sleeping through the last half. I expected that since it was way past his bedtime before the show even started.

At one point there were some random fireworks behind us. It was another fun element to the night. Next week they are doing an opera and I am trying to talk Ross into going to that as well. We all need a little culture now and again, and when it comes for free in the perfect picnic setting, then everybody wins!

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mostlyprobably said...

I love you, but I am the worst. I thought you just weren't posting anything and come to find out, with Google Reader gone, not all of my subscriptions got imported. Bad, Internet! Bad!

I just wanted to say that I love your family and would love for us all to hang out every single day. Serious.