Friday, May 17, 2013

Houston Trip: Day 5

On Sunday, Ross woke me up with a re-heated Cinnabon. It was the only thing I requested for Mother's Day, and it was lovely. We all got dressed and headed over to Sophia's ward building for church. Emma went with Cameron and Sara went with Liliana. Even though those classes were a year below them, we felt that was the best way to help them not be too shy. Jack went to Nursery by himself just fine, which was a relief. Luke played around in the Cultural Hall with another little buddy while I actually got to sit and enjoy a Gospel Doctrine lesson that I didn't have to sweat through. Lately I have either been teaching or helping in the Primary, so this was an excellent break.

After church we went back to the hotel to change and do some laundry and then went over to Sophia's house where we had an excellent dinner with Sophia's family, Brian's parents, and the missionaries. It was a really great meal with wonderful conversation. Brian's dad is the Houston temple president, and one of the missionaries was going home in a few days. He had some personal questions to ask, and President Crane had some really excellent responses for him. President Crane had also been to Chile on his mission, so he and Ross had a lot to talk about.

When the missionaries and Brian's parents had left, Brian was kind enough to give me a much needed back adjustment. That long drive really messed some things up, and he offered to use his physical therapy skills to help me out. That was probably the best Mother's Day present I got, and it helped a lot.

It was another low key day, but was so good. I am so grateful for the time I am getting with Sophia and her cute family. I love her so much, and this has been a good reminder of just why it was so fun to live with her and why we have worked so hard to stay in touch over the years.

These are the only pictures I got, bus shows how much my kids like their kids.

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