Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bryce Canyon

Ross and I like to watch travel shows on occasion, and our favorites are the ones that list of lots of different places in the world that people really should visit. We have found that on almost all of these lists, Bryce Canyon makes an appearance. When an awesome deal for a hotel in Bryce Canyon popped up on Groupon, we decided that since it is right here in our backyard and neither of us have never seen it, we should really head out there and see what all the fuss is about. It was amazing. We want to go back. We really enjoyed it, and the kids said over and over that it was the best vacation ever. It was just a quick weekend trip, but it was so wonderful. Here are a ton of pictures. We couldn't resist taking so many.

This is one of the Hoodoos that I stole from the internet.

 Jack didn't like it when we told him we were only half way through a family hike together.

 This is towards the end of a 5 mile hike. It was really enjoyable!

 We were there the week before tourist season started (hence the amazing deal) so there was only one place to eat in the entire area. It was pretty good, but we spent more time and money there than we had anticipated.
 The natural bridge. So pretty!

 One night they had an astronomy deal over at the visitors center where they had some amazing telescopes to look at some cool things. We saw Saturn, galaxies, a comet, the moon, and some other really cool things.

 Fairy Tale Canyon

 Ross sees a face in this.

 This crow was so sociable. Ross made friends with it and fed it some trail mix.

 Inspiration Point

 Emma thought this looked like a big choir

 The amphitheater

 Jack wore out faster than anyone else. His little legs just got so tired.

 Our second day there we headed to a Wildlife museum that ended up being like the Bean Museum. It was FREEZING in there. It was pretty cool, though.
 Natural Bridge again

 We took a hike along the Navajo Loop. It was amazingly beautiful!

 Thor's Hammer

 The kids did so well on this hike. I was super impressed.

 We borrowed this pack from some friends in the ward, and it was perfect!

 Baboon Rock.

We really loved our time and plan to go back next year. I love my family and my husband who is happy to head off on a moment's notice for fun adventures!

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