Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Houston Trip: Day 2

 When I found out that Ross was doing this training in Houston, I got excited about one thing in particular. My college roommate, Sophia and her family live down here. I contacted her immediately and we made plans to play as often as possible. After our first day of settling in we went to the butterfly house and the Natural History Museum. My camera was dying and was on a weird setting, so none of these pictures are great, but I wanted to remember the day regardless of that.

 Dinosaurs above and petrified wood below.

 The butterfly house was awesome. We got rushed through a bit because Sophia's kids have been here a lot and it isn't as exciting to them as it used to be. That was fine with us though, because as soon as we walked in, I knew I would be bringing Ross back to that spot soon. We will get our fill then.

It was a really fun day and I loved getting to talk to Sophia again and the kids learned a lot while we were there. The camera died, but Sara's favorite part was the gem and jewel area. Emma liked the butterflies and even wrote a report about them. I will post that when she finishes the third draft on the computer. Jack loved the dinosaurs.

A sad moment from this visit came when we went to see the African animal display. There were some really cool lions that were feasting on some zebra remains that were covered in fake blood. Guess who didn't like that little detail. . .  Poor Emma almost passed out and had a bad headache for the rest of our stay there. I wish I knew how to get her over this fear of hers!

After our fun trip we went back to the hotel and I was planning to get some dinner together when Ross came home with a big list of restaurants and bars that he was told he HAD to try while he was here. Most of them were places we wouldn't take the family, but there was one Mexican restaurant that he wanted to try. He was told to try the Canon ball at El Tiempo, so I heeded that advice, and it was AMAZING! I have never seen something like this anywhere else, but I am going to try to make one at home. Basically, it was an avocado stuffed with chicken and cheese and spices, and then rolled in batter and bread crumbs and deep fried. So yummy! Ross got some awesome fajitas that we all shared, and then we ended that lovely meal with some tres leches cake. It was a really great meal, and made us want to try some of the other recommendations since that one panned out so well.

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Please bring me back a Canon ball or I will never speak to you again! WHAT THE HECK!