Saturday, May 18, 2013

Houston Trip: Day 6

During this day, the kids and I went over to Hermann Park during the day to play on the playground and check things out. We were really impressed and decided that Ross had to see it later that day. We went back to the hotel and got some dinner ready (YUMMY pulled pork sandwiches, and then  took Daddy over to the park to stroll and enjoy things.

We got these pictures on the camera before it died, and some more on Ross's phone, but I don't know how to upload those just yet.

 We had seen the splash pad there earlier that day, so the kids came prepared to enjoy it.

 Ross told Jack if he caught a duck, we would keep it. He got pretty close a couple of times...

There was a whole family of muskrats in the pond. The girls loved the little babies.
This was such a fun evening with the family. We will be doing this again before we leave so that we can see the bits we missed.


Anonymous said...

So fun! Are the kids in love with this super long vacation or what?

Carrie said...

What's Ross going to do when he catches one?