Monday, April 01, 2013

Sara's Field Trip to Smith's

 Teacher Jenny had a field trip to Smith's for the kids. They loved it. Above is a picture of the trash compactor. When I was a kid and my dad worked at Smith's he would sometimes let me push that button and it was amazing.

This boy was amazing the whole time, which is no surprise at all.

 The dairy room.

 Jack looks longingly at a tower of chocolate milk.

 They all got treat bags and balloons. I love the kid licking his balloon...

 Jack is so excited to be in this class next year. He is so big.

 Jack loves to make his brother giggle and smile.

 We lined up for cookies in front of the deli, and people thought there was some kind of amazing deal and lined up behind us. It was kind of funny...
This was a fun way for the kids to get a closer look at what makes a store run. Everyone had a good time.

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