Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Krispy Kreme Therapy

 After Emma's wonderful leprechaun trap display we drove out to Orem to get some Krispy Kremes. Not only did this sound soothing to my troubled soul, but we had a bunch of valentine coupons for free doughnuts that were expiring that day.

 This boy eats the frosting first.
 This boy does not like when I take doughnuts away from him.
 This girl is cute even with her mout full.

 This girl is lovely through and through.

It was while we were here that I got a call from KSL's Alex Cabrero. He had heard about the tragedy of Madison's death and wanted to interview some of her close family members for a story on the news. My name and number had been submitted, so we set up a time for him to come out the next day. Aside from my stunning performance on KSL's Weather Station News in 4th grade (no joke-- Len Randalph is wonderful!) this was kind of virgin territory for me, and I was very nervous.

When I thought about cancelling or giving someone else's number, however, the Lord very quickly reminded me that I had been praying for some way to help Jay and Lara and bring comfort and aid to their family. Spreading the news of the courageous deeds of Madison and of the fund set up in her honor was the way I could help, and I could do that by doing this interview. We went home and I began thinking about what I wanted to say, and I scoured my house from top to bottom for the interview, which ended up taking place outside due to the nice lighting. Oh well.

I will post all of the media links about the accident in another post.

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