Friday, April 05, 2013

Sara's Field Trip to Home Depot

 Miss Jenny's class had a fun field trip to Home Depot. The kids all got to make little bulletin boards to take home as well as orange aprons and badges for doing the project on their own.

 This kid was in little boy Heaven.  It was so cute!
 The finished products. Good jobs kiddos!

 Sara asked the guy in charge if she could take a kit home for Emma, and they said yes. They even threw in an apron and badge as well. It was so kind of them, and I love that Sara thought of Emma, who really would have felt a little left out.
 On the way out, they saw that the popcorn machine was there.
 Best field trip ever!

After this we ran over to Hobby Lobby so I could grab some things, and then we raced home to watch Travis who comes to play every Wednesday. The kids love having him over, so this was really a great day for them.

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