Thursday, April 11, 2013

Painting Eggs

 The big Jones Eggstravaganza happened without us this year. The theme was Animated Characters, so those are my remote contributions.

We also tried dying some with shaving cream and food coloring. We only did one for each kid because some people said it didn't work for them. It worked for us, though. I LOVE them.


 Ross tried to do a soccer ball, but it rolled in the read so he said it was because there was an unfortunate heading incident.

 All our finished beauties.

 He is so handsome!
 Jack's shaving cream egg.
It was a simple little thing at home that only took about an hour, but it was fun. I love to see the creativity growing in my kids. While we were painting Emma asked why we do this at Easter time. Ross taught them about the Resurrection and all about the symbolism of new life with the eggs, and at on point Emma said, "Wow. Every time I eat eggs now I will think about Jesus. That is pretty special."  It is very special, and so it that little girl.

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