Thursday, April 04, 2013

I Have Wonderful Friends

As word got out about my sweet cousin, my wonderful friends tried to help soften the blow with sweet phone calls, Swedish Fish, cinnamon rolls, unicorn pictures (inside joke), and LOTS of donations to Madison's fund. I am so blessed. Thank you to everyone who found ways to give comfort to me and my family. The donations and postings on facebook helped me, but I wanted everyone to know that they also uplifted Madison's parents. They stated numerous times that the outpouring of love from strangers was incredibly comforting and helped them a lot. Nothing can take away the sting, but I think knowing that they weren't going through this alone was a strengthening influence for them. They are still struggling though, so please keep praying for them. I know that for me the sadness comes in waves. I will feel fine, and then I will see a picture, hear some music, or have a surge of memories and then I will lose it again. I can only imagine these waves are far stronger and more frequent for her immediate family.

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