Friday, April 05, 2013

Having a Friend Over

 We have friends over all the time, but Hannah and Sara were so cute out there picking 'flowers' (the dried up stalks from last year's daisies) that I had to get some pictures. Their dialogue was so cute. Girls are fun.
 Hannah's mother was recuperating from a minor surgery, so we jumped at the chance to have Hannah over. They are really cute friends.
 Jack enjoyed playing on the swing and not having to share while the womenfolk did their girly flower gathering.
Some people criticized me a bit for continuing to bring dinners to others and babysit during the week after Madison's death, and others didn't want to accept my offers of help during that time because they knew it was a hard time for us, but I have to say that continuing to serve others really helped me a lot. It distracted me from the worries on my mind at times, and filled me with a spirit of love and giving.

How could I stop giving while mourning for someone who died in an incredible act of service? Her example has caused me to desire and seek out opportunities for service even more, and it is changing my life for the better one small act of kindness and help at a time. I already knew this truth, but my motivation to act on that truth has increased.

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