Thursday, April 04, 2013

Media Coverage

That was our interview with KSL. They interviewed me for about 20 minutes, but only put in that one little blip, which is what I was expecting. In addition to that, I talked about how Madison had struggled with a high functioning spectrum disorder, and yet if you looked at her list of talents and accomplishments, you would never know. That is because her parents did everything they could to make sure she could work through those difficulties. They always made sure she knew that there was no reason, Asperger's included, that she couldn't accomplish anything she wanted to.

I talked about how Jay and Lara are both very artistic and Lara is musical, so their six children all have an amazing assortment of talents. In most families this would lead to a lot of competition and self promotion, but that is not something Madison did. In fact, when we got together and I would ask her how things were going, her first impulse was always to tell me about her siblings' achievements. Before mentioning the awards for her marching band, she would tell me about Corbyn's math award or Annika's solo in choir. I love that about her.

I told them that she loves playing board games and has a special knack for winning Apples to Apples. My sister really wanted that included in the interview.

We discussed how much we have missed her family while they are away in South Dakota and how excited we are that they are almost ready to come back.

I talked about camping with her every year and how she would spend hours on boondoggle creations just to give them away, and how she would roast marshmallows for her little siblings first before making one for herself.

I mentioned her witty sense of humor and how it is so subtle and hilarious. She has a streak of sarcasm that comes with the best little half smirk-smile, and her eyes would always light up when she knew she was being coy and funny.

I talked about them coming out for a wedding at Christmas time, and how we sat on the couch for about half an hour doing logic puzzles and brain teasers, and how excited she would get when she would figure one out, and how Grandpa Wallace would try to get her to go faster the next time.

I told them how much I love her and how much I will miss her, and how I am not surprised at all that when her brother was in danger, she was the first one to try and help him. She is amazing, and I will have the example of her courage and love for my entire life.

Here are some of the other media stories about this tragedy that I have seen. I wish they still had the video of Jay and Lara talking about their loss because while their sorrow is palpable, I am so proud of their calm demeanor and their willingness to talk about the comfort they find through the gospel.

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