Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Ward Christmas Party

I was an over-time widow for our ward Christmas party this year. I almost just skipped it because of my fear of wrangling all three kids without Ross, but I had to make a casserole for it, and it was the only chance my girls were going to get to see Santa. It was fun, and I was really impressed with Santa. He was very good with the kids, and told them all to keep their rooms clean for when he came to visit. I cannot even express how grateful I am to him for that statement.

There was a woman from our ward who is a photographer taking shots of the kids on Santa's lap, so I couldn't get a good one of Emma. I hope she plans to give those pictures to the parents. . .

They even brought in this fun elf, which the girls LOVED. She was so fun and sweet. This is Emma waiting in line. She was so excited! She kept rehearsing with me what she wanted to say to Santa, and did a great job.
Sara, on the other hand, was far more nervous and didn't say anything while on the strange man's lap. I'm OK with that. :)

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