Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Festival of Trees 2010

I love the Festival of Trees! So much. I praise this Primary Children's Hospital fundraiser every year.

I love the idea of the fundraiser- I think it is so well organized to bring in the most possible amount of money for the Hospital by involving many different elements.

I love that it gets me into the Christmas spirit.

I love that it is pretty. Pretty things make me happy.

I love sharing the experience with my family every year. Every year brings more questions and opinions from my growing children that lead into good teaching moments, and that is so much fun for us. I am glad Ross has become just as fond of this tradition as I am. He is nice that way.

Most of all, I love the creativity that it inspires. I love seeing all the different themes of the trees and the ideas that they give me.

Here are a million or so pictures from our Saturday afternoon at the Festival of Trees.

We always get a few treats from the bakery corner to help with the fundraising. Sara enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies most of all. Jack couldn't have any of the treats, so he contented himself with the lady bug.
I loved this Time themed tree. It had every possible time-telling contraption imaginable, and some amazing quotes about the value of time. Lovely.
This was Ross's favorite tree. It had amazing replicas from every successful sports team in Utah. Jazz, BYU, U of U, etc. There was the signed ball of John Stockton's 10,000th pass, a Ty Detmer Jersey and cleat set, lots of Steve Young paraphenalia (I have totally met him 6 times!), some Karl Malone size 20something sneakers complete with sweat and signature, and other stuff like tickets and posters. Very cool.
I liked this jungle themed tree a lot. It wasn't my favorite, but I did think of my Sophia friend when I saw the giant giraffes.
This display was called Maui Christmas. Clever. They are blue trees all bent to make it look like a pipeline wave that Santa was surfing along.
I loved this display with all the letters. I would never decorate a tree like this, but how fun would it be to decorate a child's room like this? If only I had a vinyl cutter. . . (hint, hint Ross. . .)

This was my favorite. It was a forest of trees all decked out with nutcrackers. I'm not sure why the nutcrackers were so alluring to me this year, but I just kept coming back to look at this one throughout the day.
This was Emma's favorite, although she refused to get in the picture with me. It was cute. The bright bluce Cookie Monster tree complete with a Cookie Monster whipping up a batch of his favorite dessert.
We all liked ths dinasaur themed display. The tree wasn't nearly as artistic as the others, but the display was very extensive and fun.
Look at all those dinosaurs!!
I liked the tree topper as well.
I am grateful for mistletoe.
We stopped in a parking lot on the way home so I could feed Jack, and Emma entertained herself with my camera.

It was a lovely day with my family. I love this tradition.

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