Sunday, December 05, 2010

Feliz Cumple-Medi-Anos!

Jack Attack is 6 months old as of Friday. Ummm, where did that half of the year go?!

This boy. Goodness me. He is wonderful. I am completely smitten! Here are some fun facts of our little Jacker.
1. He is a terrible flirt! He smiles and flirts and giggles and just exudes a general charm that woos all the ladies, and even some men.

2. He looks just like his father except for his nose. I claim that. His nick-name in the ward is Mini-Ross. He is lucky his father is such a stud!

3. He has one dimple. On his left cheek. He has my half of his DNA to thank for that particular adornment.

4. He is about a week away from crawling. He is an awesome roller and scooter, and can crawl regularly about a foot at a time before wiping out and resorting to his extensive Army crawling scoots.

5. He worships his sisters. I don't use that term lightly. He is completely absorbed with their every word and movement. Nothing makes him laugh and smile as much as a tickle from Emma or kiss from Sara.

6. His sisters love him completely. I was so worried about them being jealous. I am beyond relieved to see how needless that fear was. They adore him and fight over who gets to sit by him or fetch his needed items (teething rings, diapers, wipes, etc.). They get really mad at me when I don't immediately attend to his needs when he is crying. They love their little brother and are the perfect little sister-mommys.

7. He is getting to be quite the chunky monkey! He hasn't been into his 6 month appointment yet, so I don't have the actual figures and statistics, but he is in 9 month clothing, which is a huge leap as he just barely got to fit into his 6 month items a couple of weeks ago. Those all-night eating binges are really starting to show.
8. Jack is the perfect teaching companion in Primary. Whenever I have to sub a class, I try to take him with me because all the kids will be good if they have the chance to play with him. Ross and I (I have to sub in his class a lot) have a funny bit where we pretend that Jack is teaching and tell them to sit down and behave- using his little arms like a puppet and a faked innermonologuge. It is funny and effective.

9. He sucks his toes all the dang time. He will rip off his socks or unbutton his long onesies to get to them. I have found him asleep bent in half with a big toe in his mouth many times!
10. Jack is a Momma's boy. I love it, and find the preferrence well-deserved because I gave Ross two dedicated Daddy's girls before I made my own little admirer. It is my turn to be the preferred provider!

That is our little Jack-Pot. He is amazing, and I am so blessed to be his mother! He is such an easy-going and joyous addition to our home. While I hope the next 6 months bring me a little more sleep, I wouldn't trade any of my moments with him for anything. Happy Half-Birthday, dude!


Tracie said...

Wow. Where does the time go? 6 months. That went fast. He's definitely lost that "newborn" look. But still just as cute, if not even cuter.

6 month growth spurt. I remember that time. :)

I'm happy to hear that your girls adore their little brother. And that you get to have a Mama's boy. This mama loves her own mama's boy. ;)

Heather Johnson said...

all the talk about santa wrapping gifts IS crazy talk. glad to hear you have found a compromise.
What great pictures of your little one. Here's to more sleep for Christmas.
Happy Friday.