Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

This Christmas Eve was lovely and eventful. We spent the morning baking up a storm in the kitchen making treats for neighbors. After we cleaned up the house, we delivered all the plates of goodies, and then headed to Wal-Mart for some last minute needs, and found that it was much less crowded and crazy than the stories I had heard about it. I actually thought people were very nice and helpful, and we got lots of "Merry Christmas"s and the like.

We then headed to my mom's house where we had a yummy dinner of Cornish game hens and all the fixin's. My girls love that meal. I should probably cook them at some point- but they just feel so Christmas Evey to me.

Later, my mom pulled out a birthday cake she had frosted in honor of Jesus. I guess it is a new tradition she wants to start. The jury is still out on how I feel about it.

My sisters had my dad open their present to him, which was a new point and shoot camera. I am sure there are cute pictures on it that they will e-mail me. right? please?! (I forgot my camera.)

When our dinner had sufficiently settled, we headed over to Grandma Wallace's house to fulfill the yearly tradition of acting out the Nativity with Allen and Carrie and their kids that aren't currently in Ecuador. (We missed you, Spencer!)

I stole all these pictures from my Aunt Carrie. I hope she doesn't mind. . .

Carrie and Jack. So sweet. I love this shot. Grandpa Wallace. I love this man. My parents. The Wisemen. Nate, Tanner, and Aaron. Jessica the Star and Dana the. . . Ninja? Emma was Joseph. She refused the chance to be Mary or an Angel or any other position.
Sara could not decide what she wanted to be. It went from a shepherd, to Mary, to an Angel, to a King, and back to Mary.
Caulene the temporary Mary when Sara wanted to be a shepherd, Jack the temporary Baby Jesus until he decided to eat, and Heather, the temporary donkey until a vacancy for the Inn-Keeper position opened up. Did anyone follow that?
Mary and Joseph. My girls are cute.
I was the narrator, and had a really great night whether or not this picture shows that.
The Wisemen following the star. Ancient GPS. :)
See- I had fun. I am not, however, very cute when I laugh. Oh well.
Jospeh and Baby Jesus.
Grandma Wallace. The genius behind this tradition. Christmas just doesn't feel the same without this.
It was a great day, albeit a bit hectic. It led up nicely to our wonderful Christmas which will be blogged about tomorrow. Merry Christmas!


Carrie said...

Hey, I was the angel...just wanted to point that out!

Dawn said...

I'm not sure about the cake either. Dad said that he wanted a cake instead of the usual pie so I thought why not. Don't know if I will do it again.

And I think that was the most memorable nativity we have ever had. I wish the video had worked. Thank goodness for Carrie's pictures.

Dawn said...

Oh, and Carrie, you were a very good angel.