Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thanksgiving Harry Potterness

Ross and I went to a movie on Thanksgiving. It was lovely. We very rarely go to movies, as they are rather expensive, and we prefer to spend our going out money on food and fun things we can take the kids to. That being said, this (Harry Potter) was one movie I was really wanting to see in the theater, so Ross willingly obliged, and we overspent on the tickets and concessions (he really does love me!) and had a fun night out. It was made even more fun when my Uncle Allen, Aunt Carrie, and all of their kids not on foreign missions joined us.

This is our Fandango print out. My sisters were wonderful and watched the kids for us. Also, that is my dad in the background. Why do I point that out, you ask? Well, because this is the first Thanksgiving in all everness that I remember him being home for. It was nice.
I know. Another self portrait. I can't help it. How cute is she?!
More sugar. Suffice it so that they passed out cold on the drive home.
Hi Dad! Happy Thanksgiving!
Ross's Mini-Me.
I know these last two probably belonged on another post, but I am past caring right now. Thanksgiving is now blogged, it is off my to-do list, and I can get started on all the fun December Christmassy posts.

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